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This might seem like an area of interest for people of a certain age, but that is presuming far too much and it is excluding all those younger people who have not discovered the magic of compounding.  E.G. if you had £1,000 (or US$1,000) and it grew at 3% p.a. how long would it take to double in value? 

Well it is not 33.3 years. The answer is 23.5 years.  It is less but still a long time.

What happens when you start working with figures like 6% and  12%. Does the time span decrease proportionately?

6% takes just under 12 years and 12% takes 6 years to double your stake!

Of course the big question is how do you get returns like 12% and the answer is not the building society or the bank. More of that later.

If you could double your savings every 6 years and you started £1000 aged 18 how much will you have by the time you are 60. Which means if you are currently 18 year then at 60 they will probably have another 10 years before they get a state pension.

The answer is £128,000. And this is how we arrive at it. Between the age of 18 and 60 there are 42 years and if your money is doubling every 6 years then there will be 7 times that money will double in value. Kapeesh!

There is no getting away from the fact that £128k will not have the same value as it does now, but if you read on then I will show you additional ways to increase wealth. 

1> You should add funds at all opportunities.

2> You should not waste money , not even small amounts, indeed especially not small amounts.

3> Don't be afraid to try out calculated risks.

4> Go on Youtube and search "Warren Buffet"

The above is telling you to start investing as young as possible 

In my next blog I will start pointing you at ways to get better than bank interest returns.

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