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USA trip October 2012
Our latest trip to USA started with a flight via Terminal 5 at LHR and British Airways to McCarron Airport Las Vegas.
The former was no better than acceptable and the latter was good albeit with some delay at border control.
The return to U.K. at Terminal 5 was a hateful experience and my sympathy is exteded to all how have to suffer regular flights to Terminal 5 LHR.

Las Vegas is heaven and hell in equel doses. 2 full days is about as much as I can deal with maybe 3 days at a push. Having said that I know I will return.
We stayed at Planet Hollywood and I suspect there are better locations that P.H.

Last time I was in in Vegas I concentrated on the streets and it's people. This time I did do some of that but spent several hours at the top of their half size Eiffel Tower which afforded fantastic views especially when the light faded.
Looking South Las VegasLooking South Las VegasLooking South Las Vegas

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